Pay Attention

A platform to algorithmically valuate digital content based on real-time audience interaction.

Native App (OSX) Dev, Project Management

openFrameworks/C++,  Computer Vision,  NodeJS

Gabriel Gianordoli, Apon Palanuwech, DCN



Digital Content Next (DCN) is an organization dedicated to promoting innovation in digital media and content publishing. Its members include AOL, Bloomberg, BBC, Condé Nast, and more. 

Myself, Gabriel Gianordoli, and Apon Palanuwech were commissioned to develop an installation around DCN's 2015 Summit theme: The Attention Economy. Our solution was a platform to algorithmically valuate visual media. Content from DCN’s member media companies compete for people’s attention on the two large screens. Cameras detect the eye gaze and convert time watched into monetary value, based on the average salary of the attendees -- about $0.04 for each second of their time. This “attention value” is combined with a real-time social sharing analytics. The result is displayed in the Attention Market on the center screen.

I developed the openFrameworks (C++) application which queried our database for all current member content (headline posts). The app then displayed the content's hero image with headline, along with a timer. Using computer vision, each screen would look for consistent eye-gaze lasting 1 second or more. The app would then update the database which in turn would surface in the Attention Market graph, viewable via the URL. Apon and Gabriel worked on all design as well as back and front-end web development.

Special thanks to David Carroll and the DCN Team.