Hey there! I'm Joe, and I live to make.

I'm a product-focused leader, UX engineer, teacher, and hardware + software developer. I've spent the last 7 years dreaming up, prototyping, and deploying connected objects, applications, and experiences, with specific emphasis on embedded computing, mobile applications, wearable tech, wireless communication, education, and data. I like to make fast, fail fast, analyze, learn and repeat. 

Since 2010, I've been teaching hardware development, creative coding, physical computing, and internet of things courses in the MFA Design and Technology program at Parsons School for Design in NYC.  In 2012 I joined Incredible Machines, an experiential marketing startup developing interactive and connected activations for brands and events. I've continually worked on personal and freelance projects, co-founding the Air Quality Egg (2012, raised $144k), and leading the hardware and software development of the Google Talking Shoe (SXSW, Cannes Lions, 2013).

I'm also a seasoned public speaker, having given 40+ presentations, talks, and workshops across Europe, the US, and Asia.

As of 2015, I've decided to make the move (back) to the West Coast. I'm currently looking for opportunities to work with teams building new (exciting!) products in collaborative and agile environments.


Have something awesome brewing? I'd love to connect with you. Shoot me an email at saavedra [at] jos.ph.

You can find my (un-abridged) CV here